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Who are we?

At Circles our goal is simple, we want to help as many people suffering from a mental  health condition as we possibly can. We do this by treating those in need and engaging with the wider community to tackle the ‘long-established’ stigma around mental health.

We also champion the idea that good mental health, like physical health, should be encouraged and worked at. Mental health affects us all at some point in our lives and, just like our teeth, should be actively cared for or treated when pain or discomfort are felt.

Simply put, sometimes all you need is a helping hand to ensure you can be the best version of you and at Circles we have a team of qualified specialists ready and willing to be there for you when you need that help!  

What We Do

Circles offers immediate, affordable therapy on either a single session or one at a time basis. With access to a large team of professional, BACP-accredited therapists, users will receive the support and care they need without having to wait in lengthy queues, which can often result in a manageable mental health disorder developing into a debilitating life-impacting crisis; as can far too often be the case in traditional healthcare systems.

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Assisted by Mhaia, our AI-driven assistant, patients undergo a mental health assessment to determine the type and severity of their condition. And once complete, Mhaia will then recommend a course of action best suited to their completed assessment result.

Utilising the AI functionality of Mhaia, the user will then be guided through a ‘getting to know you’ session. This process helps our therapists at the treatment stage to better understand the patient’s individual condition and circumstances and as a result offer specialised and considered care and support.  


With the initial assessment completed, the patient is then offered a recommended treatment pathway. From here, they are able to select a therapist of their choice and begin treatment. Treatments are carried out on a ‘single session’ basis with the option to request more, if and when the therapist, working closely with the patient, feels it would be beneficial.   

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In tandem with the treatment process, Circles assists the patient to self-manage their mental health with individualised after-care activities and content, supported by Mhaia, their personal mental health AI assistant.  

And, unlike many other private therapy providers, our treatment model delivers a ‘one at a time’ therapy solution. Research suggests that one session can offer patients the relief they need when dealing with manageable, low severity mental health conditions. Saving crucial time and money.  

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