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Chris Green

Having had first-hand, family-related, experience of mental health and how it can impact individuals and those closest to them, this has sparked a desire and passion in me to help as many people experiencing a low-severity mental health problem as I can, from all walks of life and all corners of the world.


Treating mental health in its early onset stage can ensure the impact on the patient’s life is greatly reduced, as is the cost to treat that patient. This can save tens of millions of pounds in treatment costs and equally importantly, soften the financial impact for the individual as well.


Having (and enjoying) good basic mental health is part of a necessary wellbeing mix (with good physical health) we all need to live a happy, fulfilled life. But from time to time that balance is tipped by matters both inside and outside of our control. The Circles assessment and treatment platform is there to give users the medical help and support they need to tip that balance back in the right direction, to get them back to feeling their better self once again.


If you share an interest in the mental health space please feel free to connect with me and share your views. I’m still learning and always listening. Collaboration is essential if we are going to successfully tackled the impact mental health has on individuals and society at large and if you feel I can help you in any way, please just reach out and ask.

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