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Personalised Digital Mental Health Services 

The Mental Health Landscape

1 in 4 adults

will experience mental ill-health each year

That equates to 13m adults

A 20+ week NHS waitlist means that patients conditions worsen

Currently the need for mental health treatment far surpasses provider availability. And with an ever-growing NHS waitlist, patients wating for treatment will often experience a decline in their mental wellbeing over that waiting period. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, mental health conditions have understandably grown in number as a result of lockdown measures and job insecurity, among other COVID related factors. 

And, with private service providers leading with promotion-based, commodity sold therapy packages, the need for affordable and effective treatment solutions has never more important. 

Who is Our Service For?

The Circles platform offers a ‘flexible format’ solution, designed to integrate into other client systems with ease to ensure we can meet our no. 1 goal of helping as many people as we can.

Our target patients will come from one of three different user groups:

woman looking stressed on sofa.jpg

Anybody can access our service directly through this web site to take one of our assessment and treatment pathways.


man on laptop on train.jpg

Our platform-based end-to-end treatment solutions can either be integrated into a Company’s own web site or intranet (as a white-labelled solution) or accessed as an independent, Circles-branded referral channel.

Corporate/SME employees and customers

Wellness Picture 1.jpg


The platform can integrate into an existing App/platform-based service or sit as an externally provided ‘partner’ service. This is to cater for the large number of app-based health, wellbeing and wellness service providers who have a mental health treatment pathway gap in their offering. We also provide a signposting/referral link service to public advisory bodies too.

Whichever customer type you are, Circles will deliver an end-to-end mental health treatment (and on-going management) solution that will deliver immediate help to you or your users, in a matter of days not months.

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